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Welcome to Williamsburg Volleyball Club

2016/17 Tryout Dates Announced:

Williamsburg Volleyball Club is pleased to announce the team tryout dates for the upcoming 2016/2017 season.

Tryout Dates per Age Group: 

15’s, 16’s, 17’s, 18’s:

    Tryout #1 - Saturday, July 16th 

    Tryout #2 - Sunday, August 7th 


Grassroots*, 12’s, 13’s, 14’s:

    Tryout #1 - Sunday, August 7th

    Tryout #2 - Saturday, October 8th


Team ages are based on the USAV established playing age**. Please attend the tryouts for your age group unless approved by WVC Director in advance. Coaches may move players and combine age groups as needed.


Times & Location:  TBD - will be posted at a later date.


Registration:  Please arrive up to 30 minutes prior to register.  
There is $20 tryout fee for ages 13 & up to cover facility fees.


Parent Informational Meeting: a 30 minute informational session will take place during tryouts to discuss costs, uniforms, tournament schedules, etc. 


Stay tuned for more details regarding times and locations.


*Grassroots is an entry level volleyball program for Junior players 6-11 years old focused on basic instruction, technique and understanding of the game. This program introduces players to tournament format mainly through scrimmages against other clubs.


**Your age before September 1, 2017 (the end next year's Indoor/Beach season) 


    Beach Volleyball Season

    has begun!
    Click here to be redirected to our
    Beach Volleyball tab for more information.


    Williamsburg Volleyball Club was founded to promote the growth and development of junior volleyball players in a positive and enriching environment.

    Our objectives are:

    • To promote volleyball education and the growth of USA Junior Volleyball throughout the Williamsburg/Peninsula area.
    • To provide appropriate team and individual coaching for all players.
    • To expose every player to his or her highest level of competition in volleyball, including national play.
    • To provide an avenue for players to pursue collegiate volleyball scholarships and/or play.
    • To ensure every Williamsburg Volleyball Club player and coach conduct themselves in a positive and professional manner.
    • To encourage coaches to constantly improve their knowledge and understanding of the game through ongoing training and study.


    Please come out and join us for the monthly WVC board of directors meeting located at the JCC Rec Center - Longhill Road, Meeting Room C from 4pm-6pm.  

    Scheduled Board Meetings:

    • Sunday, May 15