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    Welcome to Williamsburg Volleyball Club

      15th Annual Revolutionary Rumble - 2017 Junior Girls Volleyball Tournament

      Williamsburg Volleyball Club is excited to host the 15th Annual
      Revolutionary Rumble, April 29 - 30, 2017. Good luck to everyone and let’s play some volleyball!

      Registration is through AES and is open.

      An easy way to search for us on AES Current Event List;
      "LOCATION:    Virginia"
      "EVENT TYPE:     Two Day Format. - Junior Volleyball"

      No spectator fees. Not a stay to play tournament. Free parking at venues.

      Registration Forms and Tournament Fees should be sent to:
      Williamsburg Volleyball Club
      ATTN: Revolutionary Rumble
      P.O. Box 6103
      Williamsburg, VA 23188

      Rumble Logo Contest - Now Open
      click here for more details: 

      Have News to Share?

      If you have news or achievements about a current WVC player or Alum that you would like us to share online, please forward details to

      Thank you! 


      If you are interested in becoming a coach for Williamsburg Volleyball Club, fill out our Coaching Inquiry Form below.